Customized Carriage Contracts

“Organizing and negotiating transports and carriages is difficult…especially if you haven’t clearly what are your conditions to actively participate in the supply chain…”

Transport order or a carriage contract? As long as the terms are yours – it doesn’t matter!

Exactly 99% of cases for which liability is not defined by an overriding transport Convention or local laws, are solved according to the freedom of contract law. The liberty of the parties is expressed by the carriage contract or the transport order, which have equivalent effects. To reduce the amount of time needed to handle the major cargo claims such as delays, reloadings, fines, and road accidents, all the conditions relating to the handling of difficult circumstances can be agreed upon in advance.

All companies that have a logistics department can benefit from customised terms and conditions for their transport contracts. Carriers, freight forwarders and cargo owners can rely on custom contracts to suit the specifics of their business.

We are intrigued about how you conduct business and how it can benefit from personal contracts and terms. We think you deserve to operate with terms and conditions that reflect your values on the road!

Tailor-made Carriage Contracts

Custom confirmation documents for Transport Orders

Prevention Procedures

Prepared by leading experts in Transport Law

Increased protection against unjustified claims

Personalized terms and conditions on demand

100% Peace of mind in unpredictable situations

Years Experience in Logistics


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