Claims Prevention Workshops

Leading logistics companies choose customized training and seminars to prevent damages and handle unpredictable situations, probably because they care about their teams,

or perhaps because they want to continue to lead…

How to unload 📦

logistics uncertainties from your clients?

Because of the dynamic nature of the work and the environment in the transportation industry, professionals must become more familiar with all aspects of the business process in order to maximize the value of each sale.
As a result, logisticians must have a fundamental understanding of how to solve and react to cargo cases. The proper response and preventative steps in cases of damage, theft, or delay are crucial elements in minimizing avoidable costs.

We organise the workshops in the style of a practical seminar. In it we will touch upon the most common cases and how to react if we face them. We will also concentrate on
preventive measures to minimize damages, as well as beneficial strategies to resolve transport cases. Hands-on assignments will benefit forwarding and logistics specialists by reinforcing new knowledge and their skill set in real-world settings, allowing them to try out the approaches and procedures they have learnt.

Specialised training for prevention

Led by experts in transport law

Practical knowledge of cargo claims management

Tools for solving real-life case studies

Exploration of important sources of conflict in logistics

Achievable balance between clients, subcontractors and insurance

100% Peace of mind in unpredictable situations

Years Experience in Logistics


Euros in Compensations