Intelligent Claims Handling

CLAIMS TRANS  handle and solve all types of cargo claims on behalf of carriers, forwarders and other logistics providers.


Claims Trans is an innovative company in the transport industry. We have the capacity to take full control of the claims handling process for all of your cargo claims. Our supervision operates from the moment the claim arises until it is entirely resolved. We activlely engage in correspondence with all parties involved. Those can be your clients, subcontractors, insurers, brokers, surveyors and others.

Our solutions are based on the successful utilization of the applicable national and international laws. Our mission is to protect your material and commercial interests, whilst handling your cases with your clients and your insurers. All of this is aligned with the idea that you will have more time to focus on your business development while we deal with all types of cargo claims.

CLAIMS Handling

Nowadays, the dynamic nature of the transport industry requires fast decision-making. Working at a rapid pace is a daily round for the professionals in the field. For these reasons, there may often be cases where your company is at risk of being held liable for any damage to the goods, late payments, unclear instructions in the carriage contracts and unjustified claims. All of these cases call for a timely and professional response that would lead to their proper resolution and safeguarding your material interests. Just so you can remain calm in those situations, we have created the “intelligent claims handling”. It is a unique way to deal with cargo claims. Whether  you are looking to assign a single case or prefer to take advantage of a monthly subscription to our services, we are ready to provide the right duty of care for any transport claim! There are many types of cargo claims, but here are the most common ones for which you can contact us at any time:

Unpaid Freights

Coordination and collection of unpaid freight money, related to a specific carriage contract.

Damaged Goods

Handling and resolution of cargo claims where the goods have been damaged during transport.

Cargo Theft

Adequate and prompt handling of cases involving theft of part or all of the trailer load.

Late Delivery

Timely intervention in delayed delivery, which includes communication and negotiation with contracting parties, as well as with the final client when needed.

Transport Contracts

Detailed analysis and advice on transport contracts and freight orders. This includes reviewing, drafting and improving trade agreements.

Legal Aid

Your company is facing a lawsuit related to transport law – we will assist in the proper selection of a lawyer in the respective country. You can count on us to coordinate the whole process.

“Transport Column”

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Claims Prevention


In this section, we will share with you useful tips for reducing the risks of cargo damage. Our goal is to be as useful as possible with regular publications and a detailed description for some of the solved cases. In that way, you will be more familiar with how to react in situations involving high risk of damage.

“Cargo Cases” 

Here we will present analyzes of real transport cases. All of them are solved by us. Follow the decision from start to finish!

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The transport companies carry out or arrange multiple shipments every day



Sometimes all or parts of the cargo get damaged, lost or stolen. The delivery can be delayed too.


Don’t lose precious time with the complicated handling of that claim – submit it online via our platform



The owner of the cargo is compensated for the damage in time and according to national and international laws



The claims handler solves the claim on your behalf and communicates the relevant data with the stakeholders


All of the relevant documents are analyzed in the system and the case gets assigned to a transport law specialist




The transport companies carry out or arrange multiple shipments every day



All or parts of the cargo get damaged, lost, stolen or delayed



Upload the relevant documents and submit the claim online via our platform



The claim is assigned to a transport law speciliast who solves the cargo claim for you



All of the valuable information is shared with the stakeholders



The owner of the cargo is indemnified  for the damages in time and without the usual delays

Who are we?

Your own claims handling team!

Cargo claims usually take either too long to solve or companies experience unexpected losses due to poor handling of their cases. That is why we created a claims-handling software as a service, to ensure that you get the right compensation for your cargo damage – every time, anywhere!


The Claims Trans software enables you to solve any cargo claim with an ease!


Our services protect your enterprise from unjustified claims or lowered compensations due to overlooked details!


The professional team of experienced claims handlers will take all of the neceesary steps to solve your cargo claims!


Monthly reports on open claims, bundled with graphical analysis on the ongoing cases!


The software is easily accessible via desktop, phone or tablet!


All of our partners enjoy a direct access to legal customer service